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working together

Population explosion
in just my lifetime.
Why are there so many
more souls on Earth now
than ever before?

Clear lakes of my childhood
have disappeared
wars without end
calamities everywhere;
are we nearing the end?

Perhaps, but this need not
be so. We have all we need
to reverse this tale;
each of us working
individually and together
can restore the land
and build communities
where people conserve

Please, let’s start
right now!

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Source of Inspiration

early morning4
I am too busy
gotta’ finish that book
on and on goes the list
maybe tomorrow, God
no time today

Excuse me for not making time for You
X pect my call when I need You, though
C an’t possibly do it, maybe tomorrow
U sed to pray but somehow never do anymore
S eems like a long time since we talked
E very time I called, You’ve been there, but…
S ure do want to talk, but right now I gotta’ go

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The Anatomy of a Thought

The Anatomy of a Thought.

A while ago, I wrote briefly on the two types of meditation, namely, concentrative and contemplative (more here). An important exercise in contemplative meditation is to reflect on the nature of a thought, and one of the most defining moments in a meditator’s life is realization of the understanding that thoughts have no essence of their own.

Thoughts are not good or bad, right or wrong, moral or immoral, they are just thoughts. They take one or the other form based on how we pursue and deploy them. Let’s say you are passing through the woods and you come across a dry and thin branch of a tree lying on the ground. You can use it as a walking stick, or as firewood, or to protect yourself, or, hopefully not, even to beat up some poor animal.