Bottom of the Sea

Source of Inspiration


I live at the bottom
of the ocean,
tides and storms
pass over me in
constant waves of
turmoil, yet I remain
calm, silent, peaceful.

I am committed and
disciplined to evolve,
to master the lessons
of this life.

Beyond the beyond is
where I belong, oceans
without shores. There
are no limitations except
of my own making. I choose
the path of forever.

The flow of Source is peaceful,
gentle, constant. When we
are one with the flow, we
are more accepting of all
that comes into our lives.
We know that resistance blocks
the flow. When we do not allow
ourselves to become disturbed
by a situation, we do not
give it power. This takes
commitment and discipline
at first, but eventually it
is ingrained in all we do.
We are One with All.

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