Coming From Where?

Source of Inspiration

How is it that great music,
poetry, essays, inventions,
art suddenly come into a
person’s mind? What synaptic
blend, what central Source
creates this wealth?

People who seem to be rather
ordinary have this flood of creativity.
Where does it come from?
Why that person and not another?

What about “ordinary” creativity…
a child’s simple drawing, a mother’s
bedtime story for her children?
Something fresh and new…from where?

All around us, life springs forth:
a seed sprouts, puppies are born,
new life from where?

How did God put a mighty tree inside
a tiny seed? For anyone who does not
believe in miracles, I say, “Look around
you! They are everywhere!”

Oh, Creator, how great You are, filling
the world with never-ending miracles,
the best being Your Love for all that You
create…even for me…love so pure, so
profound, that I weep with joy.

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