Another Great Angel Legend Has Gone Home

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R.I.P. Ms.Maya Angelou

God has called another beautiful angel home
after sending her here to leave many memories
to live on.

I remeber a few quotations she said that touched
my heart i will forever let live on…Ms.Maya
Angelou Quoted:”We may encounter many defeats
but we must not be defeated.”
Then she Quoted:”All great achievements require time”

Ms.Angelou you will be greatly missed…and i know
your great work will make many marks in life to
continue to exist,Thanks for all you’ve done.

A cilvil rights activist,a film production,A great
story teller,A great actress,And a great poetess and
a great author and so on.

Could mention alot more beautiful things you achieved
but i wrote this poem to let the world know you were
my mentor and how it is you i will truly miss.

~Rest~In~Peace~Ms.Angelou~You Will Be Greatly Missed~
By Anita Winston

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