Other Dimensions?

Source of Inspiration


The concept of other
dimensions is difficult
to consider. How can other
realities exist side-by-side
and have no measure of time–
past, present, or future?

Consider a city high-rise
apartment building where
people live next to people
they do not even know, all
living their own lives:
teacher, drug addict, business
man, thief…different values
and activities, yet all live
in the same building.

We live a life designed
by our choices–yes, even
when outside forces create
hardships. It is our intentions
and perceptions that govern
how we view the lives we have.
This, combined by our choices,
dictates how we perceive and
live the lives we have.

If you are not satisfied with
your life, consider what
choices brought you here.
And then choose to take steps
to change your life to what
you want it to be–one step
at a time.

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