Life is Home

Live Life in Crescendo

A response to  today’s WP Daily Prompt: Describe earliest memories of the place where you lived as a child.

Discovering its presence just a short walk from my home startled me with re-found enchantment. Sitting sheltered underneath its swaying green limbs was especially remarkable, as it stood nearly fifty feet tall with its off leaning crown spanning ten feet across the park’s walkway. While my intense delight obviously must surpass the pure aesthetic pleasure of its gracefully swaying ballerina arms, I could unearth no reason for my sentimental attachment.  As I moved multiple times per year as a child, memories of the multiple childhood homes I stayed or visited in are blur.

Until, my mother gifted me a heritage memento of a lost family treasure.

As her oral narration of this gift began, with resplendent details illuminating our family life, I remembered this fine porcelain curved saucer with petite inset…

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