God is….

Source of Inspiration

perfect flower5

The message is so
simple that we don’t
“get it!”

God is love
nothing more
nothing less.

And as we are
from God,
we are Love,
nothing more
nothing less.

“but, but, but…”
you cry, “so much
horror in the world.
How can we
be love?”

The seed is planted
in the ground and waits
to come forth
in all its beauty.

Water your seed
with Love and Light
and you will blossom
into a flower of love
in all its beauty

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HTML5 Basics

Ambilykk's Blog

With the advent of client side technologies and the improvements in browser features built a new paradigm for the modern web applications. The basic of any new web application which is cross-platform with multi-device support is HTML5. HTML5 define the UI elements and the structure of your page and CSS3 makes it rich UI. I will be writing serierticles on various features of HTML5 in CodeProject. You can refer my first article in the series at http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/752140/HTML-Basics-Part

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Don’t Be a Sponge

Source of Inspiration

sponge boy

Sometimes I am
a sponge
absorbing another’s woe
thinking their
darkness is mine.
I can feel sad,
irritated, ill
even anger that
seems like mine
until I realize
it is not.

With intention
and ritual I call
for the Light
to illuminate me,
banish this pit
of darkness which
is not mine but
which I have let in,
even unknowingly.

The Light comes, filling
me, feelings of relief and
gratitude replace another’s
cesspool of woe–and I give
thanks and vow to be
even more diligent
less vulnerable
by focusing on that
which fills me
with love and light.

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SXSW 2014: That’s a Wrap!

The WordPress.com Blog

Wow…what a week that was! After much anticipation, we’re winding down and reflecting on what was another epic SXSW (South by Southwest).

If you were in Austin, Texas, for this year’s festival, you probably interacted with a WordPress.com team member at the trade show, on a panel, or at one of our sponsored events. If you weren’t able to make it, here are some of our highlights.

Speaking Engagements

We had a couple of top-notch folks representing WordPress on Interactive panels this year. Matt Mullenweg (WordPress Co-Founder and Automattic CEO) discussed the future of open source, while Lori McLeese (Automattic HR Lead) shared her thoughts on working for a distributed company. Both panels generated thoughtful conversations around these relevant, meaningful topics.


At the Expo

We were excited to unveil our new trade show booth this year at SXSW. The booth included our staple Swag and Happiness Bars staffed…

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